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Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy – Loveland, Fort Collins

Pregnancy Chiropractor in Loveland CO



Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy:

  • It is a safe and effective way to naturally relieve pain

  • Can address the root causes of discomfort

  • Prevent chronic pelvic pain

  • Relieve chronic back pain as well as other issues and

  • Ensure optimal health before delivery

If you are considering chiropractic care during pregnancy in Loveland CO, you may be wondering about the safety, benefits, and treatment involved. You can always call our Loveland chiropractic office and we can talk more about your needs and questions. We’ll also dive into these topics here.

Why should pregnant women seek chiropractic care?

Clients come see Dr. John Erickson for chiropractic care during pregnancy for many of the same reasons they see him in general. They’re looking for safe, effective ways to address pain and other symptoms from a partner who looks to understand what’s happening, address the root causes, and partner with them to move forward in health.

Prenatal chiropractic treatment has two aims: preventing and relieving symptoms that can develop as pregnancy progresses.

Chiropractors and their patients focus on maintaining proper posture and improving pelvic balance can help prevent pelvic pain, back pain, and other issues, which can become especially pronounced during the third trimester. The systems involved are also very important during childbirth, so ensuring optimal health is a smart move before delivery, and may help with the entire process.

About Our Chiropractor

Dr. Erickson graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, IA in 1997. 

Dr. Erickson has a vast amount of experience treating pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and back pain. He has been in practice for over 24 years and still attends frequent seminars to develop and hone his clinical skills. He also has logged countless hours of continuing education in neurology, chiropractic pediatrics, cranial adjusting, metabolic conditions, Cold Laser therapy, nutrition and weight loss.

Dr. Erickson is an educator as well as a practitioner. He firmly believes that in order for people to make the right decisions, they need to have all of the data. His consultations are geared toward giving you the basics that you need, and his workshops are designed to educate and uplift those who wish to continue on their path to better health.


Potential Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

One of the most common symptoms pregnant women seek treatment for with a chiropractic provider is pain. That’s for a couple reasons. One is that as pregnancy progresses, a hormone called Relaxin starts working to loosen joints and ligaments around the pelvis. This is useful for labor and delivery, but can create problems in the meantime. Back pain, hip pain, sciatic pain, and spinal nerve stress can all interfere with your life. (You can read more about the role of Relaxin in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.)

Hormones aren’t the only factor at play. As the baby grows, you may find yourself standing in certain ways to accommodate the extra. weight. We often see patients who may curve their backs without thinking. This can lead to problems with spinal alignment.

Of course, it’s not always possible to eliminate all the pain that comes with the rapid changes your body undergoes during pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean relief isn’t possible! Thankfully, we’ve seen chiropractic care during pregnancy to be effective in this area. Chiropractic manipulation during this time can help establish pelvic balance, keep things properly aligned, and effectively relieve pain.

Is prenatal chiropractic care safe to receive during pregnancy?

Chiropractic treatments are typically safe and effective to receive during pregnancy. All chiropractors do receive education on pregnancy. However, some providers choose to pursue additional, specialized training in prenatal care specific to the physical needs of the pregnant mother. It helps the provider address the changing needs of the body as the pregnancy progresses.

Dr. Erickson is a prenatal and pregnancy chiropractor in Loveland who is trained, educated, and experienced in prenatal chiropractic care specifically.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy – Loveland, Fort Collins

Webster certified chiropractor Loveland | The Webster Technique: a method for chiropractic care during pregnancy

If you’ve been researching chiropractic adjustment during pregnancy, you’ve likely come across the Webster Technique in your reading. This technique involves specific sacral analysis (of the portion of the spine located in the lower back and connected to the pelvis) and a diversified adjustment aimed at reducing the effects of sacral subluxation. When sacral subluxation is present, it can create problems in pregnancy and delivery. Treating SI joint dysfunction through adjustment is meant to help improve neuro-biomechanical function.

These pregnancy chiropractors are familiar with using these techniques to ensure good alignment of the sacral region of the spine and the pelvis. These areas are especially important during pregnancy, for safer delivery, and for better recovery after the baby is born. If you’re looking for a Webster certified chiropractor in Loveland CO, book an appointment your pregnancy Chiropractor in Loveland CO today.

Shifting the pregnancy care paradigm

The current health paradigm tends to treat pregnancy as it would a disease, requiring certain medical interventions and ways of thinking. Medical and insurance industries have codified this model for pregnancy care to a large extent. Additionally, as costs continue to rise for the cost of childbirth in the U.S., doctors tend towards certain interventions above others. The threat of malpractice lawsuits may also affect the care women receive. Insurance may not cover costs if they deem that the doctor has done a procedure outside of what they consider acceptable.

Chiropractors try to shift this view to ensure pregnant women experience holistic support for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery. There is even evidence that chiropractic care may help support optimal baby positioning by helping develop pelvic balance so that your baby can move into the right position.

Looking for a partner in prenatal health

Pregnancy is not a disease, and the medical model of prenatal care is not the only option available to you. Chiropractic care can help you take a proactive approach to whole-body wellness.

Research impresses upon us the impact that the expectant mother has on her unborn child. An expectant person’s thoughts, actions, lifestyle, diet and what procedures are done to her leave an impression on the developing baby. Careful evaluation of available options for pregnancy care can lead to the choices that will work for you.

We hear from pregnant patients all the time that they are looking for a provider who really takes the time to listen to and understand their experiences, pregnancy pains, and goals. This method of care helps treat the whole person, rather than just ticking off boxes on a “normal pregnancy” to-do list.

Chiropractic care and strength for pregnancy, delivery, and recovery

When we are in pain, nauseated, or exhausted, we tend to move our bodies less and become more sedentary. Relieving these symptoms can help encourage you to stay active and remain healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Feeling strong and healthy during pregnancy can also give you more of a well to draw from when it comes to labor, delivery, and recovery.

The interconnected nature of chiropractic care during pregnancy

At the top of our list of conditions that can be improved through chiropractic care are adjustment and alignment of the spine, hips and joints. This can bring welcome relief to the expectant mother, who is experiencing the additional strain from carrying the weight of baby.

A review of the literature published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine found support for the effectiveness of chiropractic care during pregnancy, not only for addressing muscular and skeletal pain, but also for addressing symptoms and encouraging favorable outcomes.

Research is still ongoing, but suggests that women who receive chiropractic care may experience faster delivery and fewer complications. All of these benefits make a huge difference in the pregnancy and delivery experience, as well as the recovery period afterward, when many mothers are hoping to be focused on caring for their newborn child (or jumping back in with older children, as well).

The Importance of Spinal Alignment During Pregnancy

The chiropractor’s primary focus is on aligning the spine and removing physical barriers in the body structure. By improving spine alignment and overall nervous system function, the body will begin to improve function. Feeling your best and maintaining good health is important not only for a healthy pregnancy, but also for a better delivery and faster recovery after childbirth.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy – Loveland, Fort Collins

When should pregnant women make an appointment to see a chiropractor?

It’s never too early in a pregnancy to see a chiropractor! Of course, you should always inform the doctor about your pregnancy so that they can work safely and efficiently. On the other hand, it’s also never too far into a pregnancy (or even afterward) to come in for help if you begin to experience symptoms (such as hip pain or back pain) that are affecting your life.

Prenatal chiropractic treatment seeks to eliminate any barriers standing in between you and good health during this time of life. This is especially important because your problems may not magically vanish after the birth of your child. It’s always wise to seek treatment sooner, when you begin to notice a problem, rather than waiting and hoping it will go away. During the early days after delivery, recuperating more quickly can also help ease the challenges of a newborn and recovery.

Additionally, we enjoy when we have the chance to treat pregnant women early in their pregnancies, so that when the third trimester arrives with additional challenges, they are already on the road to better alignment.

Chiropractic Care as Part of Prenatal Health

Chiropractic care during pregnancy focuses on optimizing the alignment of structure and connecting neurology. The focus is on musculoskeletal health, which has far-reaching effects on the rest of the body’s systems and functions. For instance, there is evidence that realignment of the spine can help with the performance of the nervous system. This, in turn, encourages a healthy balance of hormones, which can help to reduce or eliminate morning sickness and nausea. The body’s systems all work together, and understanding this is one strength of the chiropractic process.

Of course, it’s important to understand that chiropractic care does not replace other services (such as surgery, medication, imaging, etc.) that can be provided by other healthcare providers. Pregnant patients should seek chiropractic care in addition to the care recommended by their physician. However, we feel that pregnancy chiropractors are a good part of a well-rounded plan for pregnancy care.

Other Potential Benefits of Chiropractic care during pregnancy include:

Reduction in Nausea – With chiropractic care during pregnancy, you may notice a reduction in morning sickness. This is because chiropractic care can help keep your spine, nerves, and organs functioning optimally.

More Room for Growth – Correct alignment of your pelvis is important as it gives your baby more room to grow. As the uterus size increases during your pregnancy, chiropractic care can help keep these muscles in balance.

Fewer headaches – Chiropractic care such as massage therapy and spinal manipulation may help reduce some of the tension headaches/migraines if you experience them. 

Improved balance – As your center of balance shifts during pregnancy, this can result in discomfort and potential falls. With correct chiropractic treatment and care, your doctor will work on strengthening your spine and supporting pelvic muscles.

Shorter labor times – While concrete evidence in this field is limited, there is evidence pointing to a shorter labor time with first time moms who used chiropractic care. 

Reduction in overall stress – Pregnancy can be a stressful time especially for a first-time mother. Chiropractic alignment can increase blood circulation which can help reduce stress and anxiety. 

Centering the mother in prenatal care

One effect of a medical approach to pregnancy is that it is often the doctor who is making decisions and guiding care. Here at our Loveland chiropractic practice, we seek to center the mother in all of the care we provide. This means listening to what you’re telling us, letting your choices guide treatment, and giving you the information and insight you need to make the right decisions for you.

Get in touch to prioritize a healthier pregnancy

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is a cost-efficient, simple way to improve overall health, ease back and joint pain, and ensure your body is ready for the work ahead. Give us a call to learn how we can help during pregnancy and after birth. We are always happy to answer questions around the safety of our treatments, the goals we can help accomplish, and how we approach chiropractic treatment.

Ready to put an appointment on the calendar? Laser & Chiropractic Center of the Rockies offers prenatal chiropractic care in Loveland with our main goal always to help you experience a safe, low-risk pregnancy. Request an appointment today to learn more about our many prenatal services and to receive chiropractic care.

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