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Cold Laser Therapy Treatment – Loveland & Fort Collins

Cold Laser Therapy in Loveland!

Cold laser therapy near me

If you have been living in pain or experiencing a long recovery period after an injury, Cold Laser Therapy (also known as Low-level Laser Therapy or LLLT) may be the answer you’ve been waiting for…

Cold laser therapy treatment in Loveland can be used in conjunction with Chiropractic care or by itself. 

Rivaling the impressive list of miraculous benefits of water and exercise, with minimal side-effects or risk, is our latest addition to patient services: Cold Laser Therapy. This non-invasive, drug-free treatment is a highly-effective treatment for many conditions while promoting healing and speeding recovery.

Cold Laser Therapy involves shining a low-level laser light at the areas of your body that require healing and relief from tension. The professional Laser lights used to apply this method are “cold,” meaning there is no heat, no pain, and no negative side effects.

LLLT can be applied to any area of the body. Injuries to the back, arms, legs, joints, muscles, and face may all benefit by this breakthrough procedure. Studies have shown up to a 95% confidence level that these treatments are highly effective in reducing pain through a prescribed course of treatments.

“If a drug company found a drug that could do all of that, it would immediately be hailed as a miracle drug-the most dramatically beneficial drug ever created.

If one supplement could do all of that, every American would be taking it every day.

The only reason why healthcare providers are not performing Laser therapy on EVERY patient is the lack of knowledge of the far-reaching effects of this technology. The case could be made that Low Level Laser is the single most important therapy a practitioner can add to their services.” ~ Dr. Trevor Berry DC, DACNB

Reference Link: Efficacy of low-level laser therapy on pain and disability in knee osteoarthritis: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised placebo-controlled trials

GVL Laser – How it Works

Erchonia uses low level lasers in the visible light spectrum. The primary mechanism for the absorption of visible light photons is the elevation of electrons to higher energy levels. This is known as molecular excitement and can be explained deeper through visible/ UV Spectroscopy.

Visible light photons match the energy volt (eV) or frequency between the orbits of electrons to move the electron to a higher state (excite). It is in this excited state that chemical reactions of molecules occur. One of the most important chemical reactions is when photons of visible light energy strike certain atoms, that energy may push an electron to a higher energy level where it can be picked up by an electron acceptor. The electron transport chain uses the high-energy electrons to convert ADP into ATP. The electron transport chain (ETC) is the primary source of ATP production in the body and is vital for life!

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Cold Laser Therapy (LLLT) can quickly and dramatically reduce acute and chronic pain

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing free radical production and oxidative stress
  • Improving blood flow
  • Enhancing tissue repair
  • Improving cellular energy production (increasing production of cellular ATP).

Cold Laser Therapy is now being used to treat a myriad of conditions, including:

Neck and Back Pain
Headaches and Migraines
Trauma (pre/post)
Sports Injuries
Scars and Scar Tissue
Nerve and Disc Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Cold Laser Therapy Treatment – Loveland & Fort Collins

Laser Therapy has been FDA Cleared for use with Neck/Shoulder, Chronic Low Back and Heel/Foot Pain. It has also shown great benefits clinically with:

Spinal Pain
Chronic Concussion Symptoms
Shoulder Pain
Knee Pain
Foot Pain
Post-stroke Rehab
Traumatic Brain Injuries
Herniated Discs and Sciatica
Shingles/Herpes Zoster
Atypical Facial Pain
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Weight Loss
and Many Others…

Light energy for healing is not a new concept

 This treatment has been around for over 20 years, although the Medical Community has only recently adopted the widespread use of LLLT therapies.

Western Medicine has always focused on the treatments taught in schools and commonly used by Practitioners and is slow to adopt modalities that fall outside the surgical and pharmaceutical treatment realm. Healing is less often a priority over immediate relief or the “quick fix.”

Light therapy invokes a healing response at the cellular level. This response encourages your body to “heal itself,” more efficiently and rapidly. Think of it as focusing healing energy on the areas that need it most.

FACT: Chronic pain affects an estimated 20% of Americans.

FACT: Opiod addiction is at epidemic levels.

Most patients do not know that about the safe options to surgery and medications that are available. Addressing, and healing, the cause of pain, helps you to avoid the constant cycle of temporary pain relief and suffering.

Cold Laser Therapy Treatment – Loveland & Fort Collins
Cold Laser Therapy Treatment – Loveland & Fort Collins
Cold Laser Therapy Treatment – Loveland & Fort Collins
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Non-Invasive, Safe and Painless Cold Laser Therapy Can Help You to Meet your Wellness Goals, Improve Wellness and Aid in Healing.

There are many biological processes that take place in tissues that have been shown to respond to LLLT in the 630-640 nanometer wavelength range. One of these processes is the enhancement of ATP production in the mitochondria, which provides more energy substrate for cellular healing and tissue recovery post injury. This wavelength has also been shown to decrease inflammatory mediators in wounds and increase endogenous endorphin release. ~ Healed by the Light By Jeffrey M. Nelson, MD and Karen P. Nelson, MA

Cold Laser Therapy Treatment – Loveland & Fort Collins

About Our Low Level Laser Applications

We use low level lasers or “cold lasers” to stimulate and upregulate the tone and balance of muscles. The goal of the adjustment is to re-align the bones of the spine. Muscles around corrected joints can remain tight or contracted. Muscle memory will work at undoing the work of the adjustment, left untreated.

Many patients benefit by Cold Laser Therapy after even the first visit. Subsequent visits provide additional benefits.

Your initial consultation will include tests that will help you to decide if LLLT will benefit your condition and recovery. Throughout your cold laser therapy in Loveland treatment period, we will monitor your progress and help you to gain the maximum benefits of your Laser & Chiropractic Center of the Rockies program!