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Most Common Health Conditions Treated in a Chiropractic Clinic

Because chiropractic treatment affects the neurologic, muscular, and skeletal systems it can solve conditions associated with any of those systems. Don’t be concerned if what you’re experiencing doesn’t fit with these common conditions. 

These are only the most common problems patients seek chiropractic care for, not the limit or an exhaustive list.

Hip Pain

Sacro-Iliac pain


Tension Headaches

Upper Extremity

Arm Pain

Low Back Pain

(Chronic or Acute)

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Lower Extremity

Leg and Foot Pain

A Family-Friendly Loveland Chiropractor

It’s important to recognize the benefits of family chiropractic care. As with any habit or activity, group participation benefits all–especially when the benefit is to your body and your brain! 

Top Rated Chiropractor Serving Loveland and Fort Collins

Is Chiropractic Care right for you?

 If your answer to these two questions is “yes” and you want a solution, seeing a chiropractor is the right choice for you.

  • Are you living with the frustration and limitations of chronic pain?
  • Are your pain and discomfort undermining your ability to enjoy life to the fullest?

Chronic pain is bad for both the body and the brain.

Don’t let pain stop your game. Chiropractic may be your ticket to less pain AND improved body and brain function. Chiropractic has proven its uniqueness and effectiveness in today’s health care system. 

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Alternative To Traditional Healthcare

More and more patients are looking for alternatives to pain killers, prescription anti-inflammatories, and surgical procedures and are turning to the whole-body benefits that chiropractic care offers. 

Is chiropractic for you? Keep reading to find out, then schedule an appointment at our conveniently-located Loveland office. We are currently accepting new patients!

Relief is near.

Now more than ever, you have an abundance of options when choosing healthcare. There have always been alternatives to traditional medicine, but chiropractic care has been around since 1985.

Chiropractic is the number one, most popular alternative healthcare option to traditional drugs and surgery in the healthcare system of the United States.

Dr. John Erickson is a compassionate chiropractor in Loveland who is dedicated to locating and improving the exact cause of your health problem instead of merely treating the symptoms. 

His focus is on you, your goals, your needs–not just your diagnosis–toward a happier and more productive life. 


When and Why Should I See A Chiropractor?

The saying: “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree” applies to chiropractic, especially to family chiropractors and chiropractic treatment for children.

The myriad of trips, stumbles, falls, and bumps that we sustain in our developmental years accumulate in the body unless they’re addressed appropriately. Misalignments in the spine of a toddler can create changes in how the body holds itself, how the child walks and runs, and how the child sleeps.

If these early misalignments are left unaddressed, future misalignments layer on top of them. These cause and are added to compensation patterns until the body hits a “critical mass.” This is when pain and disability happen.

Judith Albright
Judith Albright
When I first began NAET treatments with Dr. Erickson I had been suffering with severe allergies most of the summer. I had lost my voice and had difficulty talking for nearly a month. By the third treatment my voice had cleared and I was feeling noticeably better. I highly recommend this treatment and Dr. Erickson, who is friendly, highly professional and takes an interest in each of his patients. It’s a pleasure to work with him and the results are amazing.
I left Dr Erickson’s clinic already feeling better and that there is hope! He took the time to listen and answer all my questions. You can tell he loves what he does and that made me feel comfortable and that he really cares. Thank you Dr Erickson!
Heather Erickson
Heather Erickson
Dr. Erickson is a friendly and knowledgeable chiropractor. He is truly invested in the health of his patients.
Brenda Barney
Brenda Barney
Dr. Erickson is a fantastic chiropractic. He knows what he is doing and explains things in a way i can understand. I'm a CNA so i have to do a lot of physical work so I'm always in pain and he has helped me so much. Office staff are also so nice and make sure your needs are taken care of. I highly recommend him! Dr. Erickson es excelente quiropractico! Sabe lo que hace y te lo explica de manera que lo puedes entender, y tambien habla espanol! Me a ayudado mucho con el dolor de espalda y todo. Las personas de la oficina tambien son muy amigables y se aseguran que tengas lo que necesitas. Lo recomiendo mucho!
Lisa Stroyan
Lisa Stroyan
I've been seeing Dr. John Erickson for a couple of months now (after having a tongue-tie release last year and being told to pair it with bodywork) and he is fantastic. I have seen a regular chiropractor which helped provide relief, but didn't "hold" very long and sometimes exacerbated the vertigo I was experiencing. We have made a lot of progress with joint pain, TMJ clicking, and down-regulating my nervous system using a combination of Chiropractic adjustments, cranio-sacral adjustments (including jaw and palate), and laser treatment. I highly recommend his services especially relating to head, jaw, and neck misalignment and pain, as well as recurring vertigo (for which I also use the Half-Somersault maneuver on my own). Furthermore, Dr. John's office is clean and has no chemicals or scents, and there is never a wait. He's a little pricey but I'm glad I decided it was time to get serious about my chronic health issues.
Howard Porter
Howard Porter
I've been seeing John for a number of years now and I couldn't be happier. He has helped me be a healthier person by teaching me what is causing the underlying problems I'm having and how to change my behavior. His adjustments are always helpful and he has even helped me through the occasional injury.
Dean Richardson
Dean Richardson
Dr. Erickson has been perfect for me. John has helped the pain in my back and is guiding me so I can keep that pain away. He listens to what’s going on and cares about my health.
Larry Barney
Larry Barney
I have received chiropractic treatment from Dr. Erickson on a number of occasions, all with great results! He is the epitome of professionalism and technical competence. He does a great job of communicating what actions he is taking and why, and patiently answers any questions in a clear, understandable way. I would recommend Dr. Erickson for new patients or any considering chiropractic treatment for the first time without reservation.
Rebekah Price
Rebekah Price
John is a great chiropractor. He is very knowledgeable and explains things in ways that I can understand. I highly recommend going to see him for your chiropractic needs.

The best time to go to a chiropractic clinic is now!

Don’t wait! Schedule your initial appointment today at our Loveland chiropractic office and get started on your journey to less pain and improved overall health. Dr. John Erickson is specially trained in a variety of effective chiropractic treatments, including chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, low-level laser therapy, allergy treatments (NAET), and lifestyle recommendations. 

Your wellness can only improve after receiving correct, compassionate care from Dr. John Erickson, DC. If you want to learn more about what chiropractic care is, who it’s for, and how chiropractic treatments are administered, please visit our services page.